Fashion Shoots

Photo session with you in the lead role, Dear Ladies

Łódź 2019

Rainy May

Puro Łódź 2019

What will people say?

Nowa Dęba 2019

Beauty, Diversity and Plus Size

Endomeeting Hotel Andel's, Łódź 2019

Photoshoot: Role models

 Łódź 2018

Photoshoot @: Factory of Sense

Wrocław 2018

Photoshoot: Glamorous Vintage

Łódź 2017

Photoshoot: Four Ladies in Tricity

Gdynia 2017

Photoshoot: Next station: Summer!

Łódź 2017

Photoshoot: Dolce Vita a la Łódź

Łódź 2016

Photoshoot: Museum of Textile and Fine Arts

Łódź 2016

Photoshoot: Greetings from Łódź City!

Łódź 2016