By Administrator | 8 January 2020

Another New Year’s resolution?? A pious desire? An advertising slogan …or is there really – a deeper sense and need? Wellbeing, has been a common word for several years, which literally means “state of wellness”. It turns out that this is not a new term. It appeared some 70 years ago in the definition …


The 4th edition of the MARKA WSPIERA MARKĘ project

By Administrator | 20 December 2019

For the fourth time De La Fotta had the pleasure to participate in the extraordinary event Marka Wspiera Markę organized by the originator Anna Szubert. The project was carried out in cooperation with Promuje Łódzkie and with invited designers. It aims to promote Polish fashion creativity and local brands. Ten designers had their collections …

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De La Fotta’s third birthday!

By Administrator | 26 November 2019

We are pleased to announce the third birthday of our fashion house today. It’s really exciting, thank you all for many years of support and support! We are not our brand without you. If you hadn’t called us consistently for several years on the street, “where did these costumes come from?” It is you, …

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Natural models on the new photo session

By Administrator | 10 October 2019

More and more brands are consciously emphasizing the fact that fashion has left behind divisions into age, size and diversity – hopefully ! Both from the side of creating, designing and using clothes, fashion has undergone a huge metamorphosis. Just look around the “world of fashion” and notice that there is no place in …

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The anger of beauty is NOT harmful

By Administrator | 28 May 2019

Anger is emotion and joy too. The difference between them is that the first is bad, and the second is good. At least that’s what we’re told. The ears of each of us had to deal with the meaning and sound of words many times: “do not be angry” or “be polite”. Anger is …

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Role Models

By Administrator | 2 January 2019

In full summer took our next, amazing photo session – Good Design. The title of the session refers, on the one hand, to the textile tradition of the city of Łódź, and on the other hand, it transmits a certain mission: Our photo sessions are special projects with added value. We are known for …

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Fashion show with message

By Administrator | 9 November 2018

Support is more than just beautiful words and noble ideas. Support is above all deeds. In September, together with Laboska the Art of Living 50+, we undertook a joint, very ambitious project – to acquire and prepare a group of mature, unprofessional models for the sixth edition of the prestigious fashion show “The Brand …

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Oversize – The Size is Over

By Administrator | 22 July 2018

The fact that we live in the absolute dictates of fit challenges and ideal bodies is no longer surprising. Every day, from screens, pages of newspapers and billboards, we are attacked by perfectly designed models and celebrities who are far from reality. And we? Let’s stop, look, and go further, being more and more …

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Dressed to Kill at “Brand supports Brand” in Łódź

By Administrator | 8 June 2018

What emotions were these! Although two months have passed since the “Brand supports the brand” event, we are still filled with a large dose of emotions. On Saturday, the 7th of April, we had the opportunity to take part in the event to all well known, but the first time organized in Łódź – …

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Berlin Fashion Week with the eyes of DE LA Fotta

By Administrator | 26 February 2018

Now, when the emotions have subsided a little, we can calmly and matterfully describe what happened during the January Berlin Fashion Week, in which we had the opportunity to participate. And quite a lot has happened! Berlin Fashion Week – FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Berlin 2018 Fashion show: DE LA Fotta Let’s start with what …

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