About us


About De La Fotta

De La Fotta company can be described as a brand being both intergenerational, international and "inter" the catwalk and the street. Our style is characterized by expressive prints, comfortable cuts and combinations of various fabrics. We design trendy clothes and unique designs for women who appreciate the fusion of timelessness, great quality and durability of natural materials. Making women feel well- dressed in  De La Fotta confections is of the utmost importance. We want them to feel dressed - not dressed up. Not squeezed in, clung and adjusted to some short-wave trend. A well-dressed woman makes a statement by her look. That's why good clothes are so important to us.

Our mission

futerko i skorka

Establishing our brand in 2016 we wanted to refute entrenched myths and stereotypes, namely that:

  • The slow and sustainable fashion cannot be stylish, colourful and glamourous. We sew distinctive and edgy outfits and present new collections on catwalks. Our dream is to make Polish streets full of beautiful, heavenly- colourful and vivacious women.
  • Each outfit must have a size. We sew a lot of one-size clothes or  in-between sizes, we sew to measure, we sew universal cuts, we alter and improve. We want women not to think about their bodies in specific sizes as it gives them complexes. We strongly believe that you have to fit clothes to a woman and not a woman to clothes.
  • Fashion is aimed primarily at young women. Our brand is free of metrics and divisions. We want every woman to feel visible and taken notice of.

From women to women


In our case, the pivotal concept of the brand and its key to success is caring about the relations with our clientele at every stage and level of cooperation. Our clients have a big impact on the brand - they can not only order custom-made outfits from a chosen fabric, or individually tailored but they can also get involved in the very creation process. Needless to say, this gives great potential for the development of responsible fashion. That is why from the beginning, our models and fashion ambassadors are authentic women - clients, friends, female fans. We operate in the spirit of " from women to women". The concept of  De La Fotta is based on close and creative relationships within the brand. All along our clients are given the opportunity to become protagonists of photo sessions, they pose for us to create new fashions and are involved in the brand image.

We promote the diversity of age, size, background, lifestyle and personality. We strongly believe that fashion should be a source of well-being, joy and acceptance. We want to encourage women to celebrate their own uniqueness, and this is why we cooperate with extremely positive and real models.

About our values


We make sure that our clothes are not oversophisticated, uncomfortable or too expensive. Our creative maxim is: "you put one thing on, and you're well-dressed.

We design according to the key features of our brand: Unique Design, Natural Materials, Environmental friendliness.

The highest quality of fabrics is the essence of our work. We do not use cheap imports of unknown production backgrounds. You can be sure that by choosing De La Fotta's confections, you opt for a durable and refined outfit and place importance on conscious consumption, quality and ecology. Our collections are made of  fabric, knits and accessories from all over the world  that have leading certifications.


Even more good

Our brand is committed to sustainable, local and transparent production. We are particularly proud of the outfits which since 2019 have been created in 100% in Łódź. The whole process, starting from a raw cotton thread, through the graphic design of a print, to the finished clothes, is under our close scrutiny. For our company sustainable development  is based on joint decisions, potential and limits? of possibilities?, awareness during the selection of raw materials and moderation when planning stock. Therefore, in our view sustainability concerns the approach to consumption. We operate in the spirit of "slow", namely, quality over quantity, timelessness over trends. We use ecological, certified and natural fabrics to serve us longer and to minimise environmental burden of their production and usage on natural resources. We believe that business can be ethical, pro- feminine, empathetic, profitable, original and, at the same time, making a noble statement. Our brand is sensitive to exploitative relations. As a mom-daughter team, we do not want even implicitly to encourage abuse of third parties in our works. For this reason, we do not use fur or animal skins, and the entire creative process is short and transparent.